Something to keep in mind when trying to find ways to streamline and grow your business is that it is 80% psychology and 20% business that will lead to success in your organization.

One way to improve interoffice communication, productivity and overall growth is through Corporate Coaching. Corporate coaching gives organizations tools that can be used beyond the training experience; such as how to manage large groups and react to conflict appropriately in the workplace. Improving the quality of the professional relationships within all levels of your organization, from the CEO to interns, creates a healthier workplace which in turn creates a highly efficient and communicative team. Below are four common questions that organizations usually ask when trying to learn more about the benefits of corporate coaching.

1. What happens during a Corporate Coaching training?

➢ A presentation of coaching strategies tailored to the needs of the company.
➢ Team-Building exercises meant to strengthen professional relationships.
➢ Teaching communication tools to both employees and employers about topics
such as emotional intelligence and professional goal-setting models.

2. Why Is Corporate Coaching an Important Resource for my organization?

➢ It helps to bridge the generational gap in the workplace by providing tools to
improve interpersonal communication.
➢ It can provide clarity on roles and responsibilities among your team as well as
further alignment on projects and workload.

3. Will it help create better communication between my team?

➢ Yes, not only will it create better communication skills between team members,
but it will also create a shared understanding of the company values and goals.
➢ We listen to the needs of your team throughout the training to make sure you walk away with applicable knowledge.

4. How will it help my leadership abilities?

➢ Through understanding the psychology of your organization it allows you to lead
while amplifying the strengths and addressing what needs improvement.

At Constantly Healthy Counseling and Coaching, we offer Corporate Coaching for companies across all different industries and all stages of growth. We have developed a training workshop that empowers all levels of the team to experience professional development in multiple areas. Additionally, we utilize Gottman’s model of communication and apply it to the professional world; putting an emphasis on actively listening, validating the emotions of others, and being intentional with how you show up in the workplace no matter your role. If you are interested in learning more about our professional training, please click the link below.

This article was contributed by Rollins Clinical Psychology student, Shannon Caicedo.



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