Luiz Gomez founder of Constantly Healthy Counseling and Coaching

Meet Luis Gomez

Chief Technical Advisor

Every well-run business or organization has a person who runs things behind the scenes and for Constantly Healthy Counseling and Coaching, that person is Luis Gomez.

Luis is a long-time friend and coworker of Constance, the founder of Constantly Healthy Counseling and Coaching. He was in the service industry for 20 years with many of those years shared with Constance.


  • Software Engineering
  • Technical Support

Background & Approach

Luis is well versed in software engineering, media equipment, photography, and photo editing. He does whatever it takes to make sure things run smoothly at our practice.

In general, Luis manages the team, makes sure all equipment is functioning properly, edits photos for the team and does any task that he is asked to do including managing travel plans and work schedules.


Luis is an invaluable member of our team. His incomparable attention to detail ensures things get done right. 

In his free time Luis enjoys taking road trips, photography, and catching up on the latest movies.