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Not My Bubble, Not My Bullsh*t (Workbook by Constance Nelson)

From our founder/owner, creator, Constance Nelson:

Not My Bubble, Not My Bullsh*t

Self-reflection Workbook to Control Your Thoughts, Stop Overthinking and Make Your Brain Your B*tch

In this workbook, Constance delves into the science and emotions behind personal hurdles that can hinder our growth. She offers practical exercises to help us reshape our thinking and strengthen our relationships with ourselves and others. Get ready to unleash your potential and welcome positive transformations with these helpful tools.

What happens when you make a purchase?

When you make a purchase through Disco Dharma, a proceed of the purchase will be donated to B1G1 that means we contribute a day’s worth of clothing access to rescued girls. Proceeds contribute to important causes like providing clean water, food, and mental health care for victims of human trafficking.

Counseling Services at Constantly Healthy in Winter Park, FL

Embrace personal growth and well-being with counseling services at Constantly Healthy in Winter Park, FL. Our compassionate therapists offer a supportive environment for self-discovery, mental health enhancement, and holistic healing. Uncover transformative paths towards a healthier, more fulfilling life.