Does my family need therapy?

What is family therapy?

Who does family therapy help?

What do you do in family therapy?

Will family therapy make a difference for my family?

There are several different types of psychotherapy, or psychological counseling available. One of them is Family therapy. This is made to help improve communication and resolve conflicts. Family therapy can include all family members, but it doesn’t have to.

Family therapy can teach skills that help build your communication and connection with each other. This in turn can help you get through stressful times, even after you’re done with therapy. While in therapy you might address specific issues such as financial problems, the conflict between family members, the impact of substance abuse or mental illness on the family.

Families may also attend other types of therapies along with family therapy as a form of mental health treatment, especially if a family member is struggling with a mental illness or addiction that might require additional treatment.

While in therapy, you can work through different situations and issues. Like you might be examining your family’s problem-solving ability or the way you productively express emotions and thoughts. You could be exploring the roles, rules, and behavioral patterns in the family, which could help identify issues while also finding ways to solve them. You can also receive help identifying the strengths of your family, like your ability to care for another, while also finding your weaknesses like communication.

Family therapy does not automatically solve all family issues or conflicts. However, it can be useful in ANY family situation. In many situations which cause stress, conflict, grief, or anger, family therapy can give your family the tools needed to help make it easier. This can help bring understanding and healthy coping skills to bring your family closer together.


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