Do you want to see change quickly?

Have you tried traditional couples therapy and feel it did not work the way you wanted it?

Are you ready to invest more in your relationship?

Our couple’s intensive sessions our same-day couples appointments—structured in a way to build bonds quicker and more effectively. Couple’s therapy done heavy on the front end is more effective than being stretched out over time.

Let’s be proactive, not reactive. We can start couple’s counseling to help you avoid those pitfalls of the lack of communication that can happen later down the road with these types of situations.

Our couple’s counseling will use Gottman relationship techniques to help strengthen and build a strong relationship through communication skills to enhance your relationship. We will use the groundwork developed by Dr. John and Dr. Julie Gottman – Repair, Reframe, Rebuild, and Restructure.


The difference between happy couples and unhappy couples is not that happy couples don’t make mistakes. We all will hurt our partner’s feelings. The main difference is happy couples repair, and they do so early and often. The repair work will also be largely dependent on your willingness to grow within yourself. A healthy relationship begins by accepting that this journey will not just be about the two of you. The repair work will also be largely dependent on your willingness to grow within yourself which is why we will also work with both of you as individuals. This is intensive process comes with much healing.


Maximizing the strengths that currently exist in your relationship while beginning to add in the new framework. A Level III certified Gottman Couple’s therapist will gather the information to help structure the new framework. To reframe – we we focus on the house of your relationship, your personal core self, and interactions you have with each other.


During your sessions – you may find yourself in a place where you need to start from scratch, stripping down to the core of what brought you together. This Rebuild is often needed for couples and people who have experienced a significant trauma, life change, or breach in trust. You can be confident that there is hope for you and rebuilding requires listening to your heart and your intuition along this journey.


You are now entering a state of Restructure and healthy support – within your relationship, and your relationship within yourself. Your foundation will continue to be growing more solid each step of the way. You will be using the skills and tools and knowledge that you have learned about each other and yourselves outside of sessions.

The Gottman Method

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The Easiest Way to Improve Your Relationship

The easiest way to improve your relationship is to pay attention to your partner during life’s small, everyday moments. This video shows you how.


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