From a Winter Park Therapist:

Finding a therapist who you trust and feel comfortable being vulnerable with is one of the most difficult parts about beginning therapy. Opening up about your trauma and emotions to a total stranger can be unnerving, and even scary in some situations. It can be tempting to pick the first therapist you can find or the cheapest one, but these are the people who are going to be walking you through your path to healing, therefore it is important to take your time and choose wisely when it comes to finding the right therapist.

Here are some questions you should ask a potential therapist based on important topics:

License & Experience

➔ What licenses and certifications do you hold and do you belong to any professional organizations?
➔ How many years have you been practicing mental health counseling for?
➔ What disorders do you usually treat/see the most in your practice?
➔ What is your general philosophy when it comes to therapy and counseling?
➔ What are your rates? Do you offer discounts for packages?

Approach & Method

➔ What kind of therapy approach do you use? Is it evidence-based?
➔ What does the typical therapy model in your practice look like?
➔ What theories and techniques do you employ in sessions?
➔ How long are sessions, normally?
➔ What are your strengths and weaknesses as a counselor?


➔ How do you think I can benefit from therapy?
➔ How frequently do you recommend I come in?
➔ What kind of work will I be doing outside of our sessions?
➔ How will we track my progress throughout our sessions?

Ultimately, it isn’t just about finding a good therapist, but finding the best therapist to fit your needs. These questions will help you filter through your options and optimize your experience while searching for a therapist. At Constantly Healthy Counseling & Coaching, we can help you connect and find the right fit for you in therapy in Orlando, Florida. Contact us today!

This article was contributed by UCF Clinical Psychology Student, Mileydy Morales.


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