The importance of the mind and body connection is something that is unexplainable. In our current time, illness or diseases are familiar words that are being used often. The ways that we recover from an illness or a disease is what matters most. In the 2017 documentary “Heal”, it brings up a topic of conversation about the mind and body and the influence of “energy medicine” as described in the documentary.

In the documentary, various testimony comes from people who have gone through the energy medicine route rather than the traditional medicine route and how that has changed their life outcome. When talking about energy medicine, we learn how to hold on to our emotions and use that as a way to heal. One important idea that was talked about was how many medical professions don’t look the root of the cause but rather just focus on treating the symptoms.

This is crucial in that knowing the root of it helps to have a better treatment.

The placebo effect which is believing that you have the treatment for something and getting results corresponding to that mindset is one way of thinking about the mind body affect. It’s the idea that belief shifts biology in the sense that your thoughts can program your body to match that of the effects of the treatment and in that case your thoughts are positive.

This brings the question of whether this is a way that your body is doing its inner healing. For your body to do the inner healing, stimulating your inner immune system is one way. Stimulation includes eating the right food such as fruits or vegetables etc.

So, do you think your body can heal itself? Following traditional medicine is always great to do but don’t forget to open your mind to other possibilities!


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